Mill & Silo Monitoring Systems (MSM-100)

Technical Specifications

Measuring Range 1ppm ~ 100ppm / 1ppm ~ 4000ppm
Resolution Ratio (Optional) 1ppm (1mg)
Repeatability ± 2% Measuring Range
Linear< 2% Full Range
Current Loop Output4mA ~ 20mA isolated output (Max Loop Impedance 1000Ω)
Zero-drift/Span-drift < 2% Full Range
Relay OutputCO High Alarm, CO Low Alarm, System OK, System Maintenance
Auto Cal Relay ContactsCO Null Point, Calibration Range
Operating Temperature0°C ~ 35°C
Power Supply StandardEN-61010-2
Power Supply220V 50Hz (300W)
Zero Calibration (Air)4bar ~ 8bar, Clean & Dry, Flow volume 90L/min, Ambient Temperature<30°C, cooling is not required
Calibration Gas (Recommended)2bar/ 30Psi
Standard Gas CategoriesWorking Components CO/ Background Components N2
Dimensions (HxWxD)600mm x 600mm x 350mm

Features & Benefits

  • The MSM-100 probe is flange mounted,and designed to withstand a very high
    level of abrasive particles. The probe surface has Nanometer wear-resistant coating
    Automatic blowback function
  • The output will be sent to a control room, where an operator can inspect the findings through an operating systems
  • MSM-100 technology can alert operators faster than any temperature gradient detection mechanism
  • Double-sensor technology, automatic timer, auto calibration mechanism,extended
    sensor service life,precision information, and zero point stability
  • Automatic blowback function

Sampling Hose Technical Parameters

CategoriesReinforced Nylon Tube (Standard)
Length25m (Standard)